Sunday, June 13, 2010

Catch-up Round 1 : lazy days skirt, doll diaper, and snack bags

It's been a while, folks. A lot has happened in the last year-and-a-bit. Back surgery and recovery, an unexpected upheaval and move, and a change in Mr. Frog's work to include many days out of town. I think we've mostly recovered and adjusted, and I've been sewing away these last few days. Yay! I thought I'd round up the few things I've sewn over the last year that haven't been given away as gifts and spend my first few posts catching up.

This skirt was made during sewing date with MarinaMaroo. Nothing like conversation and sharing an ironing station with a good friend. I used the free pattern on Oliver+S, the fabric is by Tina Givens. I am a sucker for little birds, and the vertical pattern is perfect for a skirt. The trim was a rummage-sale score, a very delicate crochet. Miss S has worn it at least 30 times, and it is holding up famously. I have plans for many more skirts with this quick and easy pattern.

This diaper cover was an experiment. I tried using elastic thread to make the gusset more realistic. For some reason, it didn't skooch up (scientific terminology) as much as I expected it to based on my previous smocking experience. But Miss S loves it, and I must make more so that there are "clean" and "dirty" diapers for her. As we're in the middle of potty-training, I think I'll have to design a new pull-up version.

Lastly, here is one of the set of snack bags I whipped up some time ago. I used velcro for the closure, and used cotton without any waterproof layer. I've used these for cookies, crackers, sandwiches, grapes, strawberries, and they haven't leaked. I just turn them inside out and throw them in with a load of towels and they're good to go. One fewer item going to the landfill, whew.